Your ESA Council 2009/10

Joti Singh Joti Singh
ESA Executive Chair
Rakshin Saroha Ranu Saroha
ESA Executive Vice-Chair & Intramurals Coordinator
Donna Seok Donna Seok
Treasurer & Secretary

Money Money Moneeeyyy!!!
I handle the budget and the meeting minutes so the ESA knows where to spend the finances in the right places and also keep a history of our meetings. You can usually find me running around between the AMS office and Scarfe!
Arshleen Johl
Senate Representative, Graduation Coordinator, & Ombuds
Courtney English Courtney English
Merchandising Coordinator & AMS Representative
Maggie Li Maggie Li
E-Mail Manager & Webmaster

Hello everyone! I will be keeping you updated with ESA & TEO events while showing you the inner workings of the ESA council. Remember to check our website often to get your dose of informative entertainment!
Megan Miller Megan Miller
Social Events Coordinator
Monica Rostocki Monica Rostocki
Photos Coordinator, AMS Representative, & Ombuds
Rhiann Leung
Graduation Coordinator (2-Year)
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